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There are situations of maximum physical demand in which a gel product is essential for its:

> Ease of transportation.

> Ease of use.

> Maximum energy available and highly concentrated.


With BIO ingredients.

> The fruits, the caffeine and the complex and simple carbohydrate syrups used come from organic farming, as well as the aromas used, thus achieving a better flavor and better assimilation by eliminating chemical substances that hinder the different metabolic processes.

> Different options: without caffeine, with caffeine and extra sodium.


Depending on your requirements you can opt for different amounts of caffeine (160mg this option):

> Preserves glycogen stores.

> Mobilizes fatty acids.

> During aerobic work, it delays exhaustion time.

> Causes an increase in muscle contraction force.

Caffeinated Energy Gel

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  • Take 1 gel every 20'- 60' minutes (depending on the gel you take) accompanied by water.

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