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Hydrazero is an essential mineral salt drink when exercising, since we must replenish the electrolytes lost to perform well, not only in competitions but also in training.


Each shot of Hydrazero provides:

> 500mg of sodium, which improves hydration and provides a better balance of body fluids.


Being a hypotonic drink its osmolarity is lower than that of blood plasma, which favors intracellular hydration. In addition to the fact that the risk of digestive disorders with this type of drink is also lower.


It is formulated with Stevia so it provides 0 sugars, so we replace the loss of electrolytes without adding calories.


In three refreshing flavors, lemon, tropical and acid strawberry that will make it easier for you to hydrate yourself while drinking a drink with very pleasant flavors.


Prepare your Hydrazero and take it during your training session. You can also prepare it to hydrate yourself before training and to replenish electrolytes after your session.


The intake is designed for 750 ml drums, but if you prefer to use a 500ml or 1l drum, the characteristics of the product will not be modified, since it will continue to be hypotonic and will provide the same amount of salts. The flavor will only be enhanced or reduced by the proportion of water.

Hydrazero 226ers

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